First e-zine!


Our first ezine is now officially online!
If you have been wondering what the Greta Photo Book is going to look like then this is it!
Take a look and please, please, please let us know what you think, we would love to hear your opinions - and yes, we can handle constructive criticism quite well :)

Enjoy, Love the Greta team x

Interview with Yen Magazine.

Great news fellow Greta lovers - we are in the midst of organising a little chat with the Arts Director of YEN magazine. We figured, as aspiring photographers, many of you would be interested in working for a magazine like YEN one day, and we wanted to help you get there by finding out what sort of traits they look for in their photographers and what they believe makes a great magazine photographer.

So, if you've got any questions you'd like answered, leave a comment here, or on our facebook page, and we'll add them to our list! But get in quickly, because (hopefully) we'll be talking with YEN within a week :)\

Love the Greta Team xx

Around the World with Greta

So, we recently held our first ever Greta competition - 'Around the World with Greta'. We were overwhelmed with the response from our fans and the images that were submitted. It was a tough decision but as every competition goes, there can only be so many finalists. We would just like to give you a sample of some of the images we chose for the publication, and remember just because some of your images didnt make it through doesn't mean that we didn't love them anyway! Hope you enjoy them, love the Greta team xx <- click here to see the rest!

The team

Hello friends of Greta! For our first ever blog post we would like to introduce to you the people behind the Greta Photo Book. So take a moment to get to know the faces of the people we call the 'Greta team'. For more information please visit our facebook page :)

Alex Bates, Michelle Tempest, Oskar Guevara, and the CEO of Colosoul Tricia Ray.