Make Your Mark.

The creative industries is hard to crack into. Photography, writing, fashion and art are all subjective and what some may deem as talent others may disagree with. On top of this, getting your name and personal aesthestic out there can seem like a never-ending struggle - it's often hard to know where to begin. If you're anything like me, you'll find yourself wondering "How did all the great artists get started?"

For those of you who aren't first time visitors to this blog, you'll know that this is where Greta comes in, to try to help out. We have created a platform where aspiring photographers can showcase their work in an online photo book. Of course, while getting your work published is a great opportunity, we also want to inspire you, our lovely Greta lovers, and share with you stories of how well-established and up-and-coming photographers are making their mark. Knowing how other people got started, what they went through and experiences they had is a great way to learn the ins and outs of making a name for yourself. So, over the next few blogs we will continue to search for Australian photographers to share their experiences with us (and you)! We hope you appreciate their stories as much as we do.

Also on another, slightly self promotional, note we've just set up open submissions to the Photo Book. After several themed competitions we decided we wanted to see a wider range from you, our followers, without limiting you to a specific theme. So, start searching through your archived photos or get out there and take some new ones and submit, submit, submit!!!

Love the Greta Team x