Interview with Yen Magazine's art director.

You might remember a few posts ago we mentioned an upcoming interview with the Art Director of Yen Magazine, Sarah Walters. Well, she was kind enough to take time out and answer some of our (and your) questions about the world of magazine photography. Check out what she had to say below. We hope it's useful!

Greta: What is your role as Art Director?

SW: Design of the whole magazine – advertorial and editorial. Art Direct photo shoots and oversee all design.

Greta: Who have been the most successful photographers for your magazine?

SW: Probably the ones that shoot for us on a regular basis for eg. Mick Bruzzese, Daniel Nadel, Leo, Archie Sartracom, Trevor King and many more.

Greta: What makes a successful photo shoot?

SW: Good lighting, concept, location, beautiful subject matter.

Greta: What skills do you look for in hiring a fashion photographer?

SW: Whether their work is going to appeal to our reader, if they’re “Yen”. And experience and a good book is a must.

Greta: How many photographers do you have on your staff?

SW: None, although I take a few pics every now and then if need be for the mag.

Greta: Are there any trends or similar styles in the photographers/photos you choose? If so, what are these?

SW: Depending what for; for fashion – we look for anything, black & white, abstract, colours, different filters, contrast, anything with a great affect or just straight up beautiful lighting. I like to put a variation of shoots in every issue, so they contradict and compliment each other at the same time. For Passport – I would like to see more shots taken on film. I love 35mm film, so would love to put more in the magazine.

Greta: What are the main challenges with a magazine shoot?

SW: The model, location and concept. If you have neither of these it just won’t work.

Greta: Do the same photographers shoot fashion spreads and story photos or your photographers specialize in certain style shots?

SW: We have certain photographers that specialise in fashion, beauty, travel, features, music/portrait.

Greta: Do you prefer people with degrees in photography/media or with a large portfolio and a lot of experience?

SW: A large porfolio with a lot of experience.

Greta: Did any of your photographers get their first job with you or had they all worked their way up?

SW: All photographers we use are experienced photographers, I do like to use a few that have just started out to give them the opportunity but can also take beautiful photos – usually for a photo essay or on the website.

A big thanks to Sarah for her insider information :)

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