Hello all, long time no writing. We know, we know.

We've been pretty busy at the Greta office - planning and producing our second edition (which we're hoping will be up by the end of this week!!! Just waiting for our website guy to put it up for us ... we would do it ourselves, but we're not quite that html savvy). We've also been dealing with the business end of things; advertisers, copyright, all that boring stuff that someone has to deal with.

But there is an upside to the business end of things - business cards! We've finally got ours printed, along with some flyers that we've been passing out all over town. Keep your eyes peeled for them in cafes around metro city area and please please please snatch up as many as you want! But I have to say there is one condition to snatching up a flyer - you have to 'like' us on facebook. See, we love to be liked, and it would make our day if you did :)

Here's a little sneak at what you're looking out for

and our business card - who else is cool enough to have a square business card?!?!

Love always,

The Greta Team x

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