Christine Kopti Interview

Our third edition photographer, CHRISTINE KOPTI, gave some great answers to our questions. She graduated almost 4 years ago and has had some great experience as a budding photographer, so we're pretty happy to be sharing her full interview with you here!

Greta: How did you first get into photography?
Christine: I was first introduced to photography whilst studying. My Bachelor of Multimedia degree included a broad range of subjects so at first I had no idea what I liked or wanted to do. Graphic Design for me was my initial interest, I then took on a couple of units in Photography and fell in love.

Greta: How long have you been doing it?
Christine: As a hobby I photographed for a couple of years and it's been about 3 years now professionally.

Greta: Where did you learn photography (uni/self taught etc)?
Christine: Through a couple of units at university, though I feel most of it was self taught, especially the post production side of things. I left uni inspired and ready to get hands on and do things my way!

Greta: Where does your inspiration come from?
Christine: I believe most of my inspiration comes from my surroundings, experiences and my world in general. 
For me there are so many things from a magazine, wall art, movie or a quote of some sort, to an amazing garment on a catwalk that will just have my mind buzzing!

Greta: What camera do you use?
Christine: Canon 50D

Greta: What is your photography style?
Christine: It has been described as edgy, contemporary & eclectic. It is expressive, colourful, bold and most importantly tells a story.

Greta: Favourite picture (out of the ones you've given us for the photobook) and the story behind it?
Christine: I can't say I have a favourite picture, but one of my all time favourite series I did with the help of some AMAZING people would have to be the Greens & Co shoot. I was having coffee with Samantha Enticknap (MUA) who had just flown in from the UK (and I had met for the first time) in that very cafe in Leederville. Looking at the ball lights and poster collaged walls, we decided only minutes later it would be the perfect location for a shoot.

After much research and brainstorming, I got in contact with Eddie Dos Santos an incredible stylist, my hair stylist Jody Fiannaca (Hair Couture) and our little star Lauren MacPherson, where we put our thoughts together and brought our idea to life!

Greta: Who is your favourite photographer?
Christine: My favourite photographer would have to be David La Chapelle. Just like many artists I know, the reason why we love his work so much is because he! He knows how to appeal to audiences visually, mentally and provide a long lasting impression. I know he did with me!

Greta: Have you had any mentors and how have they influenced your work as a photographer?
Christine: So many! William Buck, an amazing friend and photographer who has helped me with almost everything technical, How Boon Tay who introduced me to the world of wedding photography, Shamiso Ruzvidzo who has been such great guidance, Emily Bathgate - at so young, such an inspiration..most importantly my family and best friend Stacey for always having the confidence in me and my work.

Greta: What has it been like getting into the world of photography since graduating University? 
Christine: It has been almost 4 years now since graduating and photography-wise I remember thinking 'what now?!'. I was very lucky because I started working part time at Quokka Press doing graphics operating and design whilst studying. Then after many weeks of applications I moved to Artique Designs for a year, where I got to use my photography skills taking shots of products for brochures and packaging.
In this time I used my spare days and weekends to become a little more familiar with the fashion world and photography - what I grew to love more and more. I was then contacted by a fantastic Make-up artist, Lily Webb, who I collaborated and produced a beautiful shoot with. From there it was all word of mouth and I began advertising and showcasing my work on Facebook and Model Mayhem as well as Redbubble (online creative communities) which created greater opportunities to work with some incredible people in the industry. I am currently working part time graphics and part time freelance photography which I dream to one day be doing full time, it's my true passion!
Greta: Best location for shoots?
Christine: My most favourite location to date has been Botanical Gardens in Wanneroo. Beautiful.

Greta: Best season for photo-taking?
Christine: Autumn.

Greta: In one sentence, what does photography mean to you?
Christine: Photography is my world, my passion, a significant form of creative expression used to produce something visually pleasing.

Greta: How about in one word?
Christine: Ooo tough one.. creation!

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