Damo Nguyen.

Starting photography in 2001, DAMO NGUYEN now specializes in wedding photography working for Lumen’s photography. However, photography wasn’t always his career goal. Damo studied environmental science, before moving into other industries such as finance and retail. During this time, photography was simply something he did on the side. Before long, Damo realized it was something “I could turn into a business if I played it right”.

His interest in events photography branched from a simple idea. “I was at that age of 18th and 21st birthdays and … I thought ok, everyone drinks and has fun but they have no recollection of it the next morning, so what better way than to do photography that way,” he explains. “Everyone liked my work and it just went from there.” Damo started off doing ‘free work’ to gain experience and posted his photographs on social networking sites to increase his exposure. “All my work was through word of mouth so that didn’t take much work and eventually it just grew”.

Damo honed his skills by experimenting and organising shoots in his free time “so I could pick up my own style”.  The first wedding he photographed came about after a friend had seen some of his birthday shots and asked if he did weddings. Damo’s advice for getting into a field such as wedding photography is to make sure you’ve done some research. “When I saw the market for weddings I had to check out other photographers to see if mine was on par. I can’t charge something ridiculous if my work is not up to their level,” he said.

These days Damo works for Lumens Photography which shoots weddings in Australia and overseas. As well as Lumens, Damo has established his own individual work with Damophotography.  “Obviously weddings have a peak season which is from spring to summer and during the off season I have a lot of free time, so I’ll try to fill that with other shoots whether it be a portfolio for models, birthdays, engagements, just to keep myself busy through the down time,” explains Damo.

Damo enjoys shooting a variety of things but wedding photography is his “bread and butter”. His favourite thing about shooting weddings is being able to capture the special moments for couples and give them memories they can look back on and cherish forever. “Each wedding is unique and different, different personalities and couples so it’s good to see a different mix in every wedding I do.”
In order to succeed in the photography field Damo believes you shouldn’t see it as a job. “What I do is a lifestyle, I don’t see it as work because then it’s something I have to do rather than something I look forward to every morning. If you’re passionate about it just don’t give up.”

When asked what photography means to him, Damo’s response was: “Photography is just a frozen moment in time that you capture and it’s something you can always look back on. You can’t put a price on memories and it’s something you can look back on and reflect on and treasure forever.”

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